Секс С Транссексуалом ( Отрывок Из Видео " Трансгендеры И Транссексуалы." )

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Many people still forget, that we have been playing Planetery Game and everything is possible during this Game. Though I don't play the Game and I am not really interested in rumors, but there are a lot of gossips, that Barak and Michelle Obama are gay couple! That makes me laugh at the whole spectacle: how our Higher Selves arranged all of it and have a good laugh at everyone. What people still don't realise, that we are not bodies, we are Energies and it doesn't matter if you are of any nationality, any religion, any sexual orientation, any profession or position, you are still an Energy, and all these labels don't matter! The only difference between male an d female is in the position of the Assemblage Point of a Spirit (a part of Soul), attached to the body. In case of male the Assemblage Point looks inside the big Luminous Ball of a Human, but in females the Assemblage Point of the Spirit looks outside the Luminous Ball, which gives females more Universal Knowledge. Who will be born male or female depends on our Higher Selves decisions, they manipulate positions of our Assemblage Points. And what they have been doing for the last hundred years is setting in their players a permanent or temporal position of the Assemblage Points opposite to the body's gender. For instance, if it is a male's body, the Higher Self of that male sets up the position of the Assemblage Point suitable for female (Spirit is looking outside Luminous Ball); and the same they do to females. As a result, Male feels, that he is in the wrong body, which is true, the same feels female, if the position of the Assemblage Point is set up for a male. Our Higher Selves can change the position of the Assemblage Point (to oppose the body's gender) at birth or any time during a life of a Player and it is done to millions of children and adults. Higher Selves prefer to make males to feel more like females, than the other way round and there are many reasons for it. The most important reason is to protect their Players from getting captive by Inorganic Beings at the Endgame, they are interested only in males, not females. This is how it is described by Carlos Castaneda in the extracts below, "The Art of Dreaming", p. 219, 246 : "I have already said to you, that to be a natural Man or a natural Woman is a matter of positioning the Assemblage Point," don Juan said. "By natural I mean someone, who was born either Male or Female. To a Seer, the shiniest part of the Assemblage Point (of our Spirits, LM) faces outward, in the case of Females and Inward, in the case of Males. The Tenant's Assemblage Point was originally facing inward (male), but he  changed it by twisting it around and making his egglike energy shape look like a shell, that has curled up on itself (for Spirit to face outside, to become a female, LM)... Carol related then a most intriguing story. She said, that according to what the Woman in the church had made her See, every Sorcerer of Antiquity fell, inescapably, prey to the Inorganic Beings. The Inorganic Beings, after capturing them, gave them Power to be the Intermediaries between our World and their Realm, which people called the Netherworld. The Death Defier was unavoidably caught in the nets of the Inorganic Beings. Carol estimated, that he spent perhaps thousands of years as a captive, until the moment he was capable of transforming himself into a Woman. He had clearly seen this, as his way out of that World the day he found out, that the Inorganic Beings regard the Female Principle as imperishable (eternal). They believe, that the Female Principle has such a pliability (adaptation, flexibility) and its Scope is so vast, that its members are impervious (not affected) to traps and set ups and can hardly be held captive. The Death Defier's Transformation was so complete and so detailed, that she was instantly spewed out of the Inorganic Beings' Realm. "Did she tell you, that the Inorganic Beings are still after her?" I asked. "Naturally they are after her," Carol assured me. "The Woman told me, she has to fend off her pursuers every moment of her life." "What can they do to her?" "Realize she was a man and pull her back to captivity, I suppose. I think she fears them more, than you can think it's possible to fear anythin g." Saturday, 24 May 2014 http://www.skynews.com.au/ Sydney's Vivid festival has kicked off - with the city hoping it'll help boost the state's economy after last year's event brought in 20 million dollars and 800 thousand visitorsFor 18-days the city will be a celebration of light and music - the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Installations throughout the city were officially switched on last night by Premier Mike Baird. Cars with feelings, large inflatable animals and an interactive xylophone are just some of the weird and wonderful light displays at the festival. The winter festival began on an unseasonably warm night, with people thronging to the water's edge. Vivid this year has been expanded to new precincts, including Martin Place, the Carriageworks, the University of Sydney - but the central-point is still the harbour and Circular Quay. Below there is an article about Barak and Michelle Obama in russian with some photos. I commend Barak and Michelle Obama Michelle Obama shows off her dance moves with host Ellen - video http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-31917478 17 March 2015 Michelle Obama has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show to discuss life after the White House. The first lady said she was most looking forward to the little luxuries like being able to drive with the car windows down. However, it was Mrs Obama's rhythm and style that stole the headlines after the host invited her to show off her moves on the dance floor. Барак Обама - гомосексуалист, а его жена Мишель - трансексуал http://earth-chronicles.ru/news/2014-05-11-65090 Эта тема активно обсуждается среди американцев и на Западе вообще. Президент США Барак Обама был воспитан трансексуалом, состоял в тайном гомосексуальном браке, а позже вступил в повторный брак с трансексуалом. С учетом данной информации, становится понятна политика президента США по насаждению гомосексуализма под эгидой "толерантности". Сам Барак Обама был воспитан трансексулом по имени Эви. Точнее Эви был его няней, но в свободное от воспитания время тайком таскал у матери Обамы помаду, одевал женское платье и посещал естественно определенные заведения. Это происходило когда они жили в Джакарте Индонезия. Эви сегодня - это бывший нянь (после отъезда семьи Обамы из Индонезии). Писатель и активист оппозиционного движения «Чаепитие» Джером Корси сделал сенсационное заявление, уличив действующего главу США Барака Обаму в тайном гомосексуальном браке с соседом по комнате во времена учебы в Колумбийском университете. - Я собирал архивные данные и документы и уверен, что у меня достаточно доказательств, чтобы утверждать: наш президент, вероятнее всего, - скрытый гомосексуалист. Моя работа сделана не для того, чтобы осудить Обаму, а для того, чтобы понять, почему он так долго это скрывал, - рассказал Корси в своем блоге. Политик изучил целый ряд ранних снимков будущего президента и вывел одну явную закономерность: за несколько лет до знакомства с будущей женой Мишель Робинсон Барак Обама постоянно носил обручальное кольцо. Согласно официальной биографии президента, он женился только в 1992 году, а познакомился с Мишель в 1989-м. Однако на снимках начиная с 1981 года на безымянном пальце Обамы красуется кольцо, которое явно не является сувениром или знаком отличия его учебного заведения, - уверен автор. В то же время Корси указывает на необычайно близкий характер отношений американского лидера и его соседа по комнате в Нью-Йорке пакистанца Соали Саддики. - Я изучил несколько фотографий, на которых Обама практически сидит на коленях у своего приятеля. Кто стал бы себя так вести, если бы не любовники?! - утверждает Джером Корси. По мнению политика, жизнь Барака Обамы полна «загадок и тайн», которые мешают избирателям в полной мере оценить его политические способности в качестве лидера государства. Ранее Корси прилюдно демонстрировал на собрании Республиканской партии в Нью-Джерси копию сертификата о рождении Барака Обамы, пытаясь через специализированную программу доказать, что оно является подделкой. Как известно администрация Обамы подчистила свидетелей, основные из тех, кто мог пролить свет на родословную господина Обамы - скоропостижно скончались. И с женой Обамы не все чисто. Мишель Обама является трансексуалом. Женившись на транссексуалке Мишель, он создал видимость нормального брака, но по сути продолжает жить с мужчиной трансвеститом. Мишель Обама родилась мальчиком и звали ее Майкл LaVaughn Робинcон, а после окончания средней школы он сделал операцию по изменению пола, потому, что утверждал, что в течение многих лет он был женщиной в теле мужчины. В своей речи по 30 сентября 2011 года, председатель объединенного комитета начальников штабов в Форт-Майер, Вирджиния, Обама назвал жену не Мишель, а Майкл. Obama's childhood nurse Evi, male turned into female videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cgk732vfGQ Obama's roommate at uni Change of a Man into a Woman (Carlos Castaneda "The Art Of Dreaming") Here is an interesting extract from the book of Carlos Castaneda "The Art of Dreaming" (p. 201-240) about an Ancient Sorcerer, who turned himself into a Woman, to avoid imprisoment by aliens. This Sorcerer is thousands of years old and I wouldn't be surprised if he-she is still alive and visit modern Sorcerers to get energy from them: "...Don Juan then made one last appointment with me to give me, he said, a Sorcerers' send-off: the concluding touch of my Dreaming Practices. He told me to meet him in the small town in southern Mexico, where he and his Sorcerer companions lived. I arrived there in the late afternoon. Don Juan and I sat in the patio of his house on some uncomfortable wicker chairs fitted with thick, oversize pillows. Don Juan laughed and winked at me. The chairs were a gift from one of the Women members of his party, and we simply had to sit as if nothing was bothering us, especially him. The chairs had been bought for him in Phoenix, Arizona, and with great difficulty brought into Mexico. Don Juan asked me to read to him a poem by Dylan Thomas, which he said had the most pertinent (relevant) meaning for me at that point in time... Don Juan stood up and said, that he was going for a walk in the plaza, in the center of town. He asked me to come along. I immediately assumed, that the poem had evoked a negative response in him and he needed to dispel (rid of) it. We reached the square plaza without having said a word. We walked around it a couple of times, still not talking. There were quite a number of people, milling around the stores on the streets facing the east and north sides of the park. All the streets around the plaza were unevenly paved. The houses were massive, one-story adobe (special mexical clay sun-dried bricks) buildings, with tiled roofs, whitewashed walls, and blue or brown painted doors. 202 On a side street, a block away from the plaza, the high walls of the enormous colonial church, which looked like a Moorish (Spanish architecture 13-16 century) mosque, loomed (appeared) ominously over the roof of the only hotel in town. On the south side, there were two restaurants, which inexplicably coexisted side by side, doing good business, serving practically the same menu at the same prices. I broke the silence and asked don Juan whether he also found it odd, that both restaurants were just about the same. "Everything is possible in this town," he replied. The way he said it made me feel uneasy. "Why are you so nervous?" he asked, with a serious expression. "Do you know something you're not telling me?" "Why am I nervous? That's a laugh. I am always nervous around you, don Juan. Sometimes more so, than others." He seemed to be making a serious effort not to laugh. "Naguals are not really the most friendly Beings on Earth," he said in a tone of apology. "I learned this the hard way, being pitted against my teacher, the terrible Nagual Julian. His mere presence used to scare the daylights out of me. And when he used to zero (nullify) in on me, I always thought my life wasn't worth a plug (worn-out dime) nickel." "Unquestionably, don Juan, you have the same effect on me." He laughed openly. "No, no. You are definitely exaggerating. I'm an angel in comparison." "You may be an angel in comparison, except that I don't have the Nagual Julian to compare you with." He laughed for a moment, then became serious again. "I don't know why, but I definitely feel scared," I explained. "Do you feel you have reason to be scared?" he asked and stopped walking to peer at me. His tone of voice and his raised eyebrows gave me the impression he suspected, that I knew something I was not revealing to him. He was clearly expecting a disclosure on my part. "Your insistence makes me wonder," I said. "Are you sure you are not the one, who has something up his sleeve?" 203 "I do have something up my sleeve," he admitted and grinned. "But that's not the issue. The issue is, that there is something in this town awaiting you. And you don't quite know what it is or you do know what it is, but don't dare to tell me, or you don't know anything about it at all." "What's waiting for me here?" Instead of answering me, don Juan briskly resumed his walking, and we kept going around the plaza in complete silence. We circled it quite a few times, looking for a place to sit. Then, a group of young women got up from a bench and left. "For years now, I have been describing to you the aberrant (dishonest) practices of the Sorcerers of Ancient Mexico," don Juan said as he sat down on the bench and gestured for me to sit by him. With the fervor (passion) of someone, who has never said it before, he began to tell me again what he had told me many times, that those Sorcerers, guided by extremely selfish interests, put all their efforts into perfecting practices, that pushed them further and further away from Sobriety or Mental Balance, and that they were finally exterminated, when their complex edifices (constructions) of beliefs and practices became so cumbersome (clumsy, heavy, onerous), that they could no longer support them. The Sorcerers of Antiquity, of course, lived and proliferated (produced new growth) in this area," he said, watching my reaction. "Here in this town. This town was built on the actual foundations of one of their towns. Here in this area, the Sorcerers of Antiquity carried on all their dealings." "Do you know this for a fact, don Juan?" "I do, and so will you, very soon." My mounting anxiety was forcing me to do something I detested: to focus on myself. Don Juan, sensing my frustration, egged (urge, spur, encourage) me on. "Very soon, we'll know whether or not you're really like the Old Sorcerers or like the New Ones," he said. "You are driving me nuts with all this strange and ominous (threatening) talk," I protested. 204 Being with don Juan for thirteen years had conditioned me, above everything else, to conceive (imagine) of panic, as something, that was just around the corner at all times, ready to be released. Don Juan seemed to vacillate (hesitate). I noticed his furtive (secretive) glances in the direction of the church. He was even distracted. When I talked to him, he was not listening. I had to repeat my question. "Are you waiting for someone?" "Yes, I am," he said. "Most certainly I am. I was just sensing the surroundings. You caught me in the Act of Scanning the Area with My Energy Body." "What did you sense, don Juan?" "My Energy Body senses, that everything is in place. The Play is on tonight. You are the Main Protagonist (principal performer). I am a Character Actor with a small, but meaningful role. I exit in the first act." "What in the world are you talking about?" He did not answer me. He smiled knowingly. "I'm preparing the ground," he said. "Warming you up, so to speak, harping (talk or dwell upon) on the idea, that Modern-Day Sorcerers have learned a hard lesson. They have realized, that only if they remain totally detached, can they have the Energy to be Free. Theirs is a peculiar type of Detachment, which is born not out of fear or indolence (harbitually lazy), but out of conviction." Don Juan paused and stood up, stretched his arms in front of him, to his sides, and then behind him. "Do the same," he advised me. "It relaxes the body, and you have to be very relaxed to face what's coming to you tonight." He smiled broadly. "Either total Detachment or utter (complete) Indulging is coming to you tonight. It is a choice, that every Nagual in my line has to make." He sat down again and took a deep breath. What he had said seemed to have taken all his Energy. "I think I can understand Detachment and Indulging," he went on, "because I had the privilege of knowing two Naguals: my benefactor, the Nagual Julian, and his benefactor, the Nagual Elias. I witnessed the difference between the two. The Nagual Elias was detached to the point, that he could put aside a Gift of Power. 205 The Nagual Julian was also detached, but not enough to put aside such a Gift." "Judging by the way you're talking," I said, "I would say, that you are going to spring some sort of test on me tonight. Is that true?" "I don't have the Power to spring tests of any sort on you, but the Spirit does." He said this with a grin, then added, "I am merely its agent." "What is the Spirit going to do to me, don Juan?" "All I can say is, that tonight you're going to get a lesson in Dreaming, the way lessons in Dreaming used to be, but you are not going to get that lesson from me. Someone else is going to be your Teacher and Guide you tonight." "Who is going to be my Teacher and Guide?" "A Visitor, who might be a horrendous surprise to you or no surprise at all." "And what's the lesson in Dreaming I am going to get?" "It's a lesson about the Fourth Gate of Dreaming. And it is in two parts. The first part I'll explain to you presently. The second part nobody can explain to you, because it is something, that pertains (related) only to you. All the Naguals of my line got this two-part lesson, but no two of those lessons were alike; they were tailored to fit those Naguals' Personal Bents of Character." "Your explanation doesn't help me at all, don Juan. I am getting more and more nervous." We remained quiet for a long moment. I was shaken up and fidgety (restless) and did not know what else to say without actually nagging. "As you already know, for Modern-Day Sorcerers to Perceive Energy directly is a matter of personal attainment (accomplishment, acquisition)," don Juan said. "We maneuver the Assemblage Point (of our Spirits/Souls) through Self-Discipline. For the Old Sorcerers, the Displacement of the Assemblage Point was a Consequence (effect, result) of their Subjugation (defeat, subdue) to others, their Teachers, who accomplished those Displacements through Dark Operations and gave them to their disciples (students) as Gifts of Power. 206 "It's possible for someone with Greater Energy, than ours to do anything to us," he went on. For example, the Nagual Julian could have turned me into anything he wanted, a fiend or a saint. But he was an impeccable (faultless) Nagual and let me be myself. The Old Sorcerers were not that impeccable, and, by means of their ceaseless efforts to gain control over others, they created a situation of darkness and terror, that was passed on from teacher to disciple." He stood up and swept his gaze all around us. "As you can see, this town isn't much," he continued, "but it has a unique fascination for the Warriors of My Line. Here lies the source of what we are and the source of what we don't want to be. Since I am at the End of My Time, I must pass on to you certain ideas, recount to you certain stories, put you in touch with certain Beings, right here in this town, exactly as my benefactor did with me." Don Juan said, that he was reiterating (repeat) something I already was familiar with, that whatever he was and everything he knew were a legacy (inheritance) from his Teacher, the Nagual Julian. He in turn inherited everything from his Teacher, the Nagual Elias. The Nagual Elias from the Nagual Rosendo; he from the Nagual Lujan; the Nagual Lujan from the Nagual Santisteban; and the Nagual Santisteban from the Nagual Sebastian. He told me again, in a very formal tone, something he had explained to me many times before, that there were eight Naguals, before the Nagual Sebastian, but that they were quite different. They had a different attitude toward Sorcery, a different concept of it, although they were still directly related to his Sorcery Lineage. "You must recollect now, and repeat to me, everything I've told you about the Nagual Sebastian," he demanded. His request seemed odd to me, but I repeated everything I had been told by him or by any of his companions about the Nagual Sebastian and the mythical Old Sorcerer, the Death Defier (Challenger), known to them as the Tenant. 207 "You know, that the Death Defier makes us Gifts of Power every generation," don Juan said. "And the specific nature of those Gifts of Power is what changed the course of Our Lineage." He explained, that the Tenant, being a Sorcerer from the Old School, had learned from his Teachers all the intricacies (details) of Shifting his Assemblage Point (changing the usual place of his Spirit). Since he had perhaps Thousands of Years of Strange Life and Awareness-Ample (large in scope) Time to perfect anything - he knew now how to reach and hold hundreds, if not thousands, of positions of the Assemblage Point. His Gifts were like both Maps for Shifting the Assemblage Point to Specific Spots and Manuals on how to immobilize (stop, steady) it on any of those positions and thus acquire (reach) cohesion (adhesion, united). Don Juan was at the peak of his raconteur's (teller of anecdotes) form. I had never seen him more dramatic. If I had not known him better, I would have sworn, that his voice had the deep and worried inflection (curve, bend) of someone gripped by fear or preoccupation. His gestures gave me the impression of a good actor, portraying nervousness and concern to perfection. Don Juan peered at me, and, in the tone and manner of someone making a painful revelation, he said that, for instance, the Nagual Lujan received from the Tenant a gift of fifty positions. He shook his head rhythmically, as if he were silently asking me to consider what he had just said. I kept quiet. "Fifty positions!" he exclaimed in wonder. "For a Gift, one or, at the most, two positions of the Assemblage Point should be more, than adequate." He shrugged his shoulders, gesturing bewilderment. "I was told, that the Tenant liked the Nagual Lujan immensely," he continued. "They struck up such a close friendship, that they were practically inseparable. I was told, that the Nagual Lujan and the Tenant used to stroll into the church over there every morning for early mass." "Right here, in this town?" I asked, in total surprise. "Right here," he replied. "Possibly they sat down on this very spot, on another bench, over a hundred years ago." 208 "The Nagual Lujan and the Tenant really walked in this plaza?" I asked again, unable to overcome my surprise. "You bet!" he exclaimed. "I brought you here tonight, because the poem you were reading to me, cued me, that it was time for you to meet the Tenant." Panic overtook me with the speed of wildfire. I had to breathe through my mouth for a moment. "We have been discussing the strange accomplishments of the Sorcerers of Ancient Times," don Juan continued. "But it's always hard, when one has to talk exclusively in idealities, without any firsthand Knowledge. I can repeat to you from now until doomsday something, that is crystal clear to me, but impossible for you to understand or believe, because you don't have any practical Knowledge of it." He stood up and gazed at me from head to toe. "Let's go to church," he said. "The Tenant likes the church and its surroundings. I'm positive this is the moment to go there." Very few times in the course of my association with don Juan had I felt such apprehension. I was numb. My entire body trembled when I stood up. My stomach was tied in knots, yet I followed him without a word, when he headed for the church, my knees wobbling and sagging involuntarily every time I took a step. By the time we had walked the short block from the plaza to the limestone steps of the church portico, I was about to faint. Don Juan put his arm around my shoulders to prop (support) me up. "There's the Tenant," he said as casually, as if he had just spotted an old friend. I looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a group of five Women and three Men at the far end of the portico. My fast and panicked glance did not register anything unusual about those people. I couldn't even tell whether they were going into the church or coming out of it. I noticed, though, that they seemed to be congregated there accidentally. They were not together. 209 By the time don Juan and I reached the small door, cut out in the church's massive wooden portals, three Women had entered the church. The three Men and the other two Women were walking away. I experienced a moment of confusion and looked at don Juan for directions. He pointed with a movement of his chin to the holy water font (dish). "We must observe the rules and cross ourselves," he whispered. "Where's the Tenant?" I asked, also in a whisper. Don Juan dipped the tips of his fingers in the basin and made the sign of the cross. With an imperative gesture of the chin, he urged me to do the same. "Was the Tenant one of the three Men who left?" I whispered nearly in his ear. "No," he whispered back. "The Tenant is one of the three Women, who stayed. The one in the back row." At that moment, a Woman in the back row turned her head toward me, smiled, and nodded at me. I reached the door in one jump and ran out. Don Juan ran after me. With incredible agility (speed), he overtook me and held me by the arm. "Where are you going?" he asked, his face and body contorting with laughter. He held me firmly by the arm as I took big gulps of air. I was veritably choking. Peals (outburst of sound) of laughter came out of him, like ocean waves. I forcefully pulled away and walked toward the plaza. He followed me. "I never imagined you were going to get so upset," he said, as new waves of laughter shook his body. "Why didn't you tell me that the Tenant is a Woman?" "That Sorcerer in there is the Death Defier," he said solemnly. "For such a Sorcerer, so versed (knowledgable) in the Shifts of the Assemblage Point, to be a Man or a Woman is a matter of choice or convenience. This is the first part of the lesson in Dreaming I said you were going to get. And the Death Defier is the Mysterious Visitor, who's going to guide you through it." 210 He held his sides, as laughter made him cough. I was speechless. Then a sudden fury possessed me. I was not mad at don Juan or myself or anyone in particular. It was a cold fury, which made me feel as if my chest and all my neck muscles were going to explode. "Let's go back to the church," I shouted, and I didn't recognize my own voice. "Now, now," he said softly. "You don't have to jump into the fire just like that. Think. Deliberate. Measure things up. Cool that mind of yours. Never in your life have you been put to such a test. You need calmness now. I can't tell you what to do," he continued. "I can only, like any other Nagual, put you in front of your challenge, after telling you, in quite oblique (indirect) terms, everything, that is pertinent (relevant). This is another of the Nagual's maneuvers: to say everything without saying it or to ask without asking." I wanted to get it over with quickly. But don Juan said, that a Moment's Pause would restore, whatever was left of my Self-Assurance. My knees were about to give in. Solicitously (anxiously), don Juan made me sit down on the curb. He sat next to me. "The first part of the Dreaming lesson in question is, that Maleness and Femaleness are not final states, but are the Result of a Specific Act of Positioning the Assemblage Point," he said. "And this act is, naturally, a matter of volition and training. Since it was a subject close to the Old Sorcerers' hearts, they are the only Ones, who can shed light on it." Perhaps because it was the only rational thing to do, I began to argue with don Juan. "I can't accept or believe what you are saying," I said. I felt heat rising to my face. "But you saw the Woman," don Juan retorted. "Do you think that all of this is a trick?" "I don't know what to think." "That Being in the church is a real Woman," he said forcefully. "Why should that be so disturbing to you? The fact, that she was born a Man attests only to the Power of the Old Sorcerers' Machinations. 211 This shouldn't surprise you. You have already embodied all the Principles of Sorcery." My insides were about to burst with tension. In an accusing tone, don Juan said, that I was just being argumentative. With forced patience, but real pomposity (pretentious), I explained to him the biological foundation of Maleness and Femaleness. "I understand all that," he said. "And you're right in what you're saying. Your flaw is to try to make your assessments universal." "What we're talking about are basic principles," I shouted. "They'll be pertinent (relevant) to man here or in any other place in the Universe." "True. True," he said in a quiet voice. "Everything you say is true as long, as our Assemblage Point remains on its habitual position. But the moment it is displaced beyond certain boundaries and our daily World is no longer in function, none of the principles you cherish has the total value you're talking about. Your mistake is to forget, that the Death Defier has transcended (pass beyond) those boundaries thousands upon thousands of times. It doesn't take a genius to realize, that the Tenant is no longer bound by the same forces, that bind you now." I told him, that my quarrel, if it could be called a quarrel, was not with him, but with accepting the practical side of Sorcery, which, up to that moment, had been so farfetched (unnatural), that it had never posed a real problem to me. I reiterated (repeat), that, as a Dreamer, it was within my experience to attest (affirm), that in Dreaming anything is possible. I reminded him, that he himself had sponsored and cultivated this conviction, together with the ultimate necessity for Soundness of Mind. What he was proposing as the Tenant's case was not sane. It was a subject only for Dreaming, certainly not for the Daily World. I let him know, that to me it was an abhorrent (disgusting) and untenable (useless) proposition. "Why this violent reaction?" he asked with a smile. His question caught me off guard. I felt embarrassed. "I think it threatens me at the Core," I admitted. And I meant it. 212 To think, that the Woman in the church was a Man, was somehow nauseating to me. A thought played in my mind: perhaps the Tenant is a transvestite (cross-dresser, a person wearing clothes of the opposite sex). I queried don Juan, in earnest, about this possibility. He laughed so hard he seemed about to get ill. "That's too mundane (dull, banal) a possibility," he said. "Maybe your old friends would do such a thing. Your new ones are more resourceful and less masturbatory. I repeat. That Being in the church is a Woman. It is a She. And She has all the organs and attributes of a Female." He smiled maliciously: "You've always been attracted to Women, haven't you? It seems, that this situation has been tailored just for you." His mirth was so intense and childlike, that it was contagious. We both laughed. He - with total abandon, I - with total apprehension. I came to a decision then. I stood up and said out loud, that I had no desire to deal with the Tenant in any form or shape. My choice was to bypass all this business and go back to don Juan's house and then home. Don Juan said, that my decision was perfectly all right with him, and we started back to his house. My thoughts raced wildly. Am I doing the right thing? Am I running away out of fear? Of course, I immediately rationalized my decision as the right and unavoidable one. After all, I assured myself, I was not interested in acquisitions (gaining material possessions), and the Tenant's Gifts were like acquiring property (owning). Then doubt and curiosity hit me. There were so many questions I could have asked the Death Defier. My heart began to pound so intensely I felt it beating against my stomach. The pounding suddenly changed into the Emissary's (agent with secret mission, could be Higher Self) voice. It broke its promise not to interfere and said, that an incredible Force was accelerating my heart beat in order to drive me back to the church; to walk toward don Juan's house was to walk toward my Death. I stopped walking and hurriedly confronted don Juan with the Emissary's words. "Is this true?"I asked. 213 "I am afraid it is," he admitted sheepishly. "Why didn't you tell me yourself, don Juan? Were you going to let me die, because you think I am a coward?" I asked in a furious mood. "You were not going to die just like that. Your Energy Body has endless resources. And it had never occurred to me to think you're a coward. I respect your decisions, and I don't give a damn about what motivates them. "You are at the end of the road, just like me. So be a true Nagual. Don't be ashamed of what you are. If you were a coward, I think you would have died of fright years ago. But if you're too afraid to meet the Death Defier, then die, rather, than face him. There is no shame in that." "Let's go back to the church," I said, as calmly as I could. "Now we're getting to the crux (crucial, vital moment) of the matter!" don Juan exclaimed. "But first, let's go back to the park and sit down on a bench and carefully consider your options. We can spare the time; besides, it's too early for the business at hand." We walked back to the park and immediately found an unoccupied bench and sat down. "You have to understand, that only you, yourself, can make the decision to meet or not to meet the Tenant or to accept or reject his Gifts of Power," don Juan said. "But your decision has to be voiced to the Woman in the church, face to face and alone; otherwise it won't be valid." Don Juan said, that the Tenant's Gifts were extraordinary, but that the price for them was tremendous. And that he himself did not approve of either, the Gifts or the Price. "Before you make your real decision," don Juan continued, "you have to know all the details of our transactions (proceedings) with that Sorcerer." "I'd rather not hear about this anymore, don Juan," I pleaded. "It's your duty to know," he said. "How else are you going to make up your mind?" 214 "Don't you think, that the less I know about the Tenant, the better off I'll be?" "No. This is not a matter of hiding, until the danger is over. This is the moment of Truth. Everything you've done and experienced in the Sorcerers' World has channeled you to this spot. I didn't want to say it, because I knew your Energy Body was going to tell you, but there is no way to get out of this appointment. Not even by dying. Do you understand?" He shook me by the shoulders. "Do you understand?" he repeated. I understood so well, that I asked him, if it would be possible for him to make me change levels of Awareness, in order to alleviate my fear and discomfort. He nearly made me jump with the explosion of his "no". "You must face the Death Defier in coldness and with ultimate premeditation (Intent, design)," he went on. "And you can't do this by proxy (instead of someone else)." Don Juan calmly began to repeat everything he had already told me about the Death Defier. As he talked, I realized, that part of my confusion was the result of his use of words. He rendered (represented in) "Death Defier" in Spanish as el desafiante de la muerte, and "Tenant" as el inquilino, both of which automatically denote (mean) a male. But in describing the relationship between the Tenant and the Naguals of his Line, don Juan kept on mixing the Spanish-language Male and Female gender denotation (indication), creating a great confusion in me. He said, that the Tenant was supposed to pay for the Energy he took from the Naguals of our Lineage, but that whatever he paid has bound those Sorcerers for generations. As payment for the Energy, taken from all those Naguals, the Woman in the church taught them exactly what to do to displace their Assemblage Point to some specific positions, which she herself had chosen. In other words, she bound every one of those men with a Gift of Power, consisting of a preselected, Specific Position of the Assemblage Point and all its implications (indirect suggestions)." "What do you mean by "all its implications," don Juan?" 215 "I mean the negative results of those Gifts. The Woman in the church knows only of Indulging. There is no frugality (sparing), no temperance (moderation, self-restrain) in that Woman. For instance, she taught the Nagual Julian how to arrange his Assemblage Point to be, just like her, a Woman. Teaching this to my benefactor, who was an incurable voluptuary (sensual indulger seeking pleasures), was like giving booze to a drunkard." "But isn't it up to each one of us to be responsible for what we do?" "Yes, indeed. However, some of us have more difficulty, than others in being responsible. To augment (increase) that difficulty deliberately, as that Woman does, is to put too much unnecessary pressure on us." "How do you know the Woman in the church does this deliberately?" "She has done it to every one of the Naguals of my line. If we look at ourselves fairly and squarely, we have to admit, that the Death Defier has made us, with his gifts, into a line of very indulging, dependent Sorcerers." I could not overlook his inconsistency of language usage any longer, and I complained to him. "You have to speak about that Sorcerer, as either a Male or a Female, but not as both," I said harshly. "I'm too stiff, and your arbitrary (random) use of Gender makes me all the more uneasy." "I am very uneasy myself," he confessed. "But the Truth is, that the Death Defier is both: Male and Female (Androgynous, LM). I've never been able to take that Sorcerer's change with grace. I was sure you would feel the same way, having seen him as a Man first." Don Juan reminded me of a time, years before, when he took me to meet the Death Defier and I met a Man, a strange Indian, who was not old, but not young either and was very slightly built. I remember mostly his strange accent and his use of one odd metaphor, when describing things he allegedly had seen. He said, mis ojos se pasearon, "my eyes walked on". For instance, he said, "My eyes walked on the helmets of the Spanish conquerors." 216 The event was so fleeting in my mind, that I had always thought the meeting had lasted only a few minutes. Don Juan later told me, that I had been gone with the Death Defier for a whole day. "The reason I was trying to find out from you earlier, whether you knew what was going on," don Juan continued, "was because I thought, that years ago you had made an appointment with the Death Defier yourself." "You were giving me undue credit, don Juan. In this instance, I really don't know whether I am coming or going. But what gave you the idea, that I knew?" "The Death Defier seemed to have taken a liking to you. And that meant to me, that he might have already given you a Gift of Power, although you didn't remember it. Or he might have set up your appointment with him, as a Woman. I even suspected she had given you precise directions." Don Juan remarked, that the Death Defier, being definitely a Creature of ritual habits, always met the Naguals of his Line first as a Man, as it had happened with the Nagual Sebastian, and subsequently as a Woman. "Why do you call the Death Defier's Gifts, Gifts of Power? And why the mystery?" I asked. "You yourself can displace your Assemblage Point to whatever spot you want, isn't that so?" "They are called Gifts of Power, because they are products of the Specialized Knowledge of the Sorcerers of Antiquity," he said. "The mystery about the Gifts is, that no one on this Earth, with the exception of the Death Defier, can give us a sample of that Knowledge. And, of course, I can displace my Assemblage Point to whatever spot I want, inside or outside Man's energy shape. But what I can't do, and only the Death Defier can, is to know what to do with my Energy Body in each one of those spots in order to get total Perception, total Cohesion (unity)." He explained, then, that modern-day Sorcerers do not know the details of the thousands upon thousands of possible Positions of the Assemblage Point.217 "What do you mean by details?" I asked. "Particular ways of treating the Energy Body, in order to maintain the Assemblage Point, fixed on Specific Positions," he replied. He took himself as an example. He said, that the Death Defier's Gift of Power to him had been the position of the Assemblage Point of a Crow and the procedures to manipulate his Energy Body to get the total Perception of a Crow. Don Juan explained, that Total Perception, total Cohesion (unity) was what the Old Sorcerers sought at any cost, and that, in the case of his own Gift of Power, Total Perception came to him by means of a deliberate process he had to learn, step by step, as one learns to work a very complex machine. Don Juan further explained, that most of the Shifts modern-day Sorcerers experience are mild Shifts within a thin bundle of Energetic Luminous Filaments inside the Luminous Egg, a bundle, called the Band of Human, or the purely Human aspect of the Universe's Energy. Beyond that Band, but still within the Luminous Egg, lies the Realm of the Grand Shifts. When the Assemblage Point Shifts to any spot on that area, Perception is still comprehensible to us, but extremely detailed procedures are required for Perception to be total. "The Inorganic Beings tricked you and Carol Tiggs in your last journey by helping you two to get Total Cohesion on a Grand Shift," don Juan said. "They displaced your Assemblage Points to the farthest possible spot, then helped you perceive there, as if you were in your Daily World. A nearly impossible thing. To do that type of Perceiving a Sorcerer needs Pragmatic Knowledge, or Influential Friends. "Your Friends would have betrayed you in the end and left you and Carol to fend for yourselves and learn Pragmatic Measures in order to survive in that World. You two would have ended filled to the brim with Pragmatic Procedures, just like those most knowledgeable Old Sorcerers. 218 "Every Grand Shift has different Inner Workings," he continued, "which modern Sorcerers could learn, if they knew how to fixate the Assemblage Point long enough at any Grand Shift. Only the Sorcerers of Ancient Times had the Specific Knowledge required to do this." Don Juan went on to say, that the Knowledge of Specific Procedures, involved in Shifts, was not available to the eight Naguals, who preceded the Nagual Sebastian, and, that the Tenant showed the Nagual Sebastian how to achieve Total Perception on ten New Positions of the Assemblage Point. The Nagual Santisteban received seven, the Nagual Lujan fifty, the Nagual Rosendo six, the Nagual Elias four, the Nagual Julian sixteen, and he was shown two; that made a total of ninety-five Specific Positions of the Assemblage Point, that his Lineage knew about. He said, that if I asked him whether he considered this an advantage to his Lineage, he would have to say no, because the weight of those Gifts put them closer to the Old Sorcerers' Mood. "Now it's your turn to meet the Tenant," he continued. "Perhaps the Gifts, he will give you, will offset (compensate) our Total Balance and our Lineage will plunge into the darkness, that finished off the Old Sorcerers." "This is so horribly serious, it's sickening," I said. "I most sincerely sympathize with you," he retorted (replied) with a serious expression. "I know it's no consolation (comfort) to you, if I say, that this is the toughest trial of a modern Nagual. To face something so old and mysterious as the Tenant is not awe-inspiring, but revolting. At least it was to me, and still is." "Why do I have to continue with it, don Juan?" "Because, without knowing it, you accepted the Death Defier's Challenge. I drew an acceptance from you in the course of your apprenticeship, in the same manner my teacher drew one from me, surreptitiously (secretly). "I went through the same horror, only a little more brutally, than you." He began to chuckle."The Nagual Julian was given to playing horrendous jokes. 219 He told me, that there was a very beautiful and passionate widow, who was madly in love with me. The Nagual used to take me to church often, and I had seen the Woman staring at me. I thought she was a good-looking Woman. And I was a horny young Man. When the Nagual said, that she liked me, I fell for it. My Awakening was very rude." I had to fight not to laugh at don Juan's Gesture of Lost Innocence. Then the idea of his predicament hit me, as being not funny, but ghastly (frightful). "Are you sure, don Juan, that that Woman is the Tenant?" I asked, hoping, that perhaps it was a mistake or a bad joke. "I am very, very sure," he said. "Besides, even if I were so dumb, as to forget the Tenant, my Seeing can't fail me." "Do you mean, don Juan, that the Tenant has a different type of Energy?" "No, not a different type of Energy, but certainly Different Energy Features, than a normal person." "Are you absolutely sure, don Juan, that that Woman is the Tenant?" I insisted, driven by a strange revulsion (violent disgust) and fear. "That woman is the Tenant!" don Juan exclaimed in a voice, that admitted no doubts. We remained quiet. I waited for the next move in the midst of a panic beyond description. "I have already said to you, that to be a natural Man or a natural Woman is a matter of positioning the Assemblage Point," don Juan said. "By natural I mean someone, who was born either Male or Female. To a Seer, the shiniest part of the Assemblage Point (of our Spirits, LM) faces outward, in the case of Females and Inward, in the case of Males. The Tenant's Assemblage Point was originally facing inward, but he changed it by twisting it around and making his egglike energy shape look like a shell, that has curled up on itself." 12. The Woman In The Church 220 Don Juan and I sat in silence. I had run out of questions, and he seemed to have said to me all, that was pertinent (relevant). It could not have been more, than seven o'clock, but the plaza was unusually deserted. It was a warm night. In the evenings, in that town, people usually meandered (wander) around the plaza, until ten or eleven. I took a moment to reconsider what was happening to me. My time with don Juan was coming to an end. He and his party were going to fulfill the Sorcerers' Dream of Leaving this World and entering into inconceivable (unimaginable 5th Level of Consciousness, LM) dimensions. On this basis of my limited success in Dreaming, I believed, 221 that their claims were not illusory, but extremely sober, although contrary to reason. They were seeking to perceive the Unknown, and they had made it. Don Juan was right in saying that, by inducing a Systematic Displacement of the Assemblage Point, Dreaming liberates Perception, enlarging the scope of what can be perceived. For the Sorcerers of his party, Dreaming had not only opened the doors of other Perceivable Worlds, but prepared them for entering into those Realms in full Awareness. Dreaming, for them, had become ineffable (too great for words), unprecedented, something, whose nature and scope, could only be alluded (hinted) to, as when don Juan said, that it is the Gateway to the Light and to the Darkness of the Universe. There was only one thing pending (remained, imminent) for them: my encounter with the Death Defier. I regretted, that don Juan had not given me notice, so that I could prepare myself better. But he was a Nagual,  who did everything of importance on the spur (occuring without planning) of the moment, without any warning. For a moment, I seemed to be doing fine, sitting with don Juan in that park, waiting for things to develop. But then my emotional stability suffered a downward swing and, in the twinkling of an eye, I was in the midst of a dark despair. I was assailed (attacked) by petty considerations about my safety, my goals, my hopes in the World, my worries. Upon examination, however, I had to admit, that perhaps, the only true worry I had was about my three cohorts (friends) in don Juan's World. Yet, if I thought it out, even that was no real worry to me. Don Juan had taught them to be the kind of Sorceresses, who always knew what to do, and, most important, he had prepared them always to know what to do with what they knew. Having had all the possible worldly reasons for feeling anguish (torture) stripped off me a long time ago, all I had been left with was concern for myself. And I gave myself to it shamelessly. One last indulging for the road: the Fear of Dying at the hands of the Death Defier. I became so afraid, that I got sick to my stomach. I tried to apologize, but don Juan laughed. 222 "You're not in any way unique at barfing out of fear," he said. "When I met the Death Defier, I wet my pants. Believe me." I waited in silence for a long, unbearable moment. "Are you ready?" he asked. I said yes. And he added, standing up, "Let's go then and find out how you are going to stand up in the firing line." He led the way back to the church. To the best of my ability, all I remember of that walk, to this day, is that he had to drag me bodily the whole way. I do not remember arriving at the church or entering it. The next thing I knew, I was kneeling on a long, worn-out wooden pew (fixed bench with back) next to the Woman I had seen earlier. She was smiling at me. Desperately, I looked around, trying to spot don Juan, but he was nowhere in sight. I would have flown like a bat out of hell, had the Woman not restrained me by grabbing my arm. "Why should you be so afraid of poor little me?" the Woman asked me in English. I stayed glued to the spot, where I was kneeling. What had taken me entirely and instantaneously was her voice. I cannot describe what it was about its raspy (harsh, rough) sound, that called out the most recondite (obscure) memories in me. It was as if I had always known that voice. I remained there immobile, mesmerized by that sound. She asked me something else in English, but I could not make out what she was saying. She smiled at me, knowingly. "It's all right," she whispered in Spanish. She was kneeling to my right. "I understand real fear. I live with it." I was about to talk to her, when I heard the emissary's voice in my ear. "It's the voice of Hermelinda, your wet nurse," it said. The only thing I had ever known about Hermelinda was the story I was told of her being accidentally killed by a runaway truck. That the Woman's voice would stir such deep, old memories was shocking to me. I experienced a momentary agonizing anxiety. "I am your wet nurse!" the woman exclaimed softly. 223 "How extraordinary! Do you want my breast?" Laughter convulsed her body. I made a supreme effort to remain calm, yet I knew, that I was quickly losing ground and in no time at all was going to take leave of my senses. "Don't mind my joking," the Woman said in a low voice. "The truth is, that I like you very much. You are bustling (hurry busily) with Energy. And we are going to get along fine." Two older men knelt down right in front of us. One of them turned curiously to look at us. She paid no attention to him and kept on whispering in my ear. "Let me hold your hand," she pleaded. But her plea was like a command. I surrendered my hand to her, unable to say no. "Thank you. Thank you for your confidence and your trust in me," she whispered. The sound of her voice was driving me mad. Its raspiness was so exotic, so utterly feminine. Not under any circumstances would I have taken it for a man's voice laboring to sound womanly. It was a raspy voice, but not a throaty or harsh-sounding one. It was more like the sound of bare feet softly walking on gravel. I made a tremendous effort to break an Invisible Sheet of Energy, that seemed to have enveloped me. I thought I succeeded. I stood up, ready to leave, and I would have, had not the Woman also stood up and whispered in my ear, "Don't run away. There is so much I have to tell you." I automatically sat down, stopped by curiosity. Strangely, my anxiety was suddenly gone, and so was my fear. I even had enough presence (act efficiently) to ask the Woman, "Are you really a Woman?" She chuckled softly, like a young girl. Then she voiced a convoluted (intricate) sentence. "If you dare to think, that I would transform myself into a fearsome Man and cause you harm, you are gravely mistaken," she said, accentuating even more, that strange, mesmeric voice. "You are my benefactor. I am your servant, as I have been the servant of all the Naguals, who preceded (existed before) you." 224 Gathering all the Energy I could, I spoke my mind to her. "You are welcome to my Energy," I said. "It's a Gift from me to you, but I don't want any Gifts of Power from you. And I really mean this." "I can't take your Energy for free," she whispered. "I pay for what I get, that's the deal. It's foolish to give your Energy for free." "I've been a fool all my life. Believe me," I said. "I can surely afford to make you a Gift. I have no problem with it. You need the Energy, take it. But I don't need to be saddled with unnecessaries. I have nothing and I love it." "Perhaps," she said pensively (plunged in thought). Aggressively, I asked her whether she meant, that perhaps she would take my Energy or that she did not believe I had nothing and loved it. She giggled with delight and said, that she might take my Energy, since I was so generously offering it, but that she had to make a payment. She had to give me a thing of similar value. As I heard her speak, I became aware, that she spoke Spanish with a most extravagant foreign accent. She added an extra phoneme to the middle syllable of every word. Never in my life had I heard anyone speak like that. "Your accent is quite extraordinary," I said. "Where is it from?" "From nearly eternity," she said and sighed. We had begun to connect. I understood why she sighed. She was the closest thing to permanent, while I was temporary. That was my advantage. The Death Defier had worked herself into a corner, and I was free. I examined her closely. She seemed to be between thirty-five and forty years old. She was a dark, thoroughly Indian Woman, almost husky (rugged), but not fat or even hefty (sturdy, strongly built). I could see, that the skin of her forearms and hands was smooth, the muscles, firm and youthful. I judged, that she was five feet, six or seven inches tall. She wore a long dress, a black shawl, and guaraches. 225 In her kneeling position, I could also see her smooth heels and part of her powerful calves. Her midsection was lean. She had big breasts, that she could not or perhaps did not want to hide under her shawl. Her hair was jet black and tied in a long braid. She was not beautiful, but she was not homely either. Her features were in no way outstanding. I felt, that she could not possibly have attracted anybody's attention, except for her eyes, which she kept low, hidden beneath downcast (sad)  eyelids. Her eyes were magnificent, clear, peaceful. Apart from don Juan's, I had never seen eyes more brilliant, more alive. Her eyes put me completely at ease. Eyes like that could not be malevolent. I had a surge of trust and optimism and the feeling, that I had known her all my life. But I was also very conscious of something else: my emotional instability. It had always plagued me in don Juan's World, forcing me to be like a yo-yo. I had moments of Total Trust and Insight only to be followed by abject (wretched, miserable kind) doubts and distrust. This event was not going to be different. My suspicious mind suddenly came up with the warning thought, that I was falling under the Woman's Spell (fascination). "You learned Spanish late in life, didn't you?" I said, just to get out from under my thoughts and to avoid her reading them. "Only yesterday," she retorted (replied) and broke into a crystalline laughter, her small, strangely white teeth, shining like a row of pearls. People turned to look at us. I lowered my forehead as if in deep prayer. The Woman moved closer to me. "Is there a place where we could talk?" I asked. "We are talking here," she said. "I have talked here with all the Naguals of your Line. If you whisper, no one will know we are talking." I was dying to ask her about her age. But a sobering memory came to my rescue. I remembered a friend of mine, who for years had been setting up all kinds of traps to make me confess my age to him. I detested his petty concern, and now I was about to engage in the same behavior. I dropped it instantly. 226 I wanted to tell her about it, just to keep the conversation going. She seemed to know what was going through my mind. She squeezed my arm in a friendly gesture, as if to say, that we had shared a thought. "Instead of giving me a Gift, can you tell me something, that would help me in my way?" I asked her. She shook her head. "No," she whispered. "We are extremely different. More different, than I believed possible." She got up and slid sideways out of the pew. She deftly genuflected (dexterously, skillfully bend knees), as she faced the main altar. She crossed herself and signaled me to follow her to a large side altar to our left. We knelt in front of a life-size crucifix. Before I had time to say anything, she spoke. "I've been alive for a very, very long time," she said. "The reason I have had this long life is, that I control the Shifts and Movements of My Assemblage Point. Also, I don't stay here in your World too long. I have to save the Energy I get from the Naguals of your Line." "What is it like to exist in other worlds?" I asked. "It's like in your Dreaming, except, that I have more mobility. And I can stay longer anywhere I want. Just like if you would stay as long as you wanted in any of your Dreams." "When you are in this World, are you pinned down to this area alone?" "No. I go everywhere I want." "Do you always go as a Woman?" "I've been a Woman longer, than a Man. Definitely, I like it much better. I think I've nearly forgotten how to be a Man. I am all Female!" She took my hand and made me touch her crotch (vagina). My heart was pounding in my throat. She was indeed a Female. "I can't just take your energy," she said, changing the subject. "We have to strike another kind of agreement." Another wave of mundane (dull, banal) reasoning hit me then. I wanted to ask her, where she lived when she was in this World. I did not need to voice my question to get an answer. 227 "You're much, much younger than I," she said, "and you already have difficulty telling people where you live. And even if you take them to the house you own or pay rent on, that's not where you live." "There are so many things I want to ask you, but all I do is think stupid thoughts," I said. "You don't need to ask me anything," she went on. "You already know what I know. All you needed was a Jolt, in order to claim, what you already know. I am giving you that Jolt." Not only did I think stupid thoughts, but I was in a state of such suggestibility, that no sooner had she finished saying, that I knew what she knew, than I felt I knew everything, and I no longer needed to ask any more questions. Laughingly, I told her about my gullibility. "You're not gullible," she assured me with authority. "You know everything, because you're now totally in the Second Attention. Look around!" For a moment, I could not focus my sight. It was exactly, as if water had gotten into my eyes. When I arranged my view, I knew that something portentous (exciting wonder & awe) had happened. The church was different, darker, more ominous, and somehow harder. I stood up and took a couple of steps toward the nave (central part of church). What caught my eye were the pews; they were made not out of lumber, but out of thin, twisted poles. These were homemade pews, set inside a magnificent stone building. Also, the light in the church was different. It was yellowish, and its dim glow cast the blackest shadows I had ever seen. It came from the candles of the many altars. I had an insight about how well candlelight mixed with the massive stone walls and ornaments of a colonial church. The Woman was staring at me; the brightness of her eyes was most remarkable. I knew then, that I was Dreaming and she was directing the Dream. But I was not afraid of her or of the Dream. I moved away from the side altar and looked again at the nave (centre) of the church. There were people kneeling in prayer there. 228 Lots of them, strangely small, dark, hard people. I could see their bowed heads all the way to the foot of the main altar. The ones, who were close to me stared at me, obviously, in disapproval. I was gaping (with open mouth) at them and at everything else. I could not hear any noise, though. People moved, but there was no sound. "I can't hear anything," I said to the Woman, and my voice boomed, echoing, as if the church were a hollow shell. Nearly all the heads turned to look at me. The Woman pulled me back into the darkness of the side altar. "You will hear, if you don't listen with your ears," she said. "Listen with your Dreaming Attention." It appeared, that all I needed was her insinuation (indirect suggestion). I was suddenly flooded by the droning (humming) sound of a multitude in prayer. I was instantly swept up by it. I found it the most exquisite sound I had ever heard. I wanted to rave about it to the Woman, but she was not by my side. I looked for her. She had nearly reached the door. She turned there to signal me to follow her. I caught up with her at the portico. The streetlights were gone. The only illumination was moonlight. The facade of the church was also different; it was unfinished. Square blocks of limestone lay everywhere. There were no houses or buildings around the church. In the moonlight the scene was eerie (weird). "Where are we going?" I asked her. "Nowhere," she replied. "We simply came out here to have more space, more privacy. Here we can talk our little heads off." She urged me to sit down on a quarried, half-chiseled piece of limestone. "The Second Attention has endless treasures to be discovered," she began. "The initial position, in which the Dreamer places his body, is of key importance. And right there is the secret of the Ancient Sorcerers, who were already Ancient in my time. Think about it." 229 She sat so close to me, that I felt the heat of her body. She put an arm around my shoulder and pressed me against her bosom. Her body had a most peculiar fragrance; it reminded me of trees or sage. It was not, that she was wearing perfume; her whole being seemed to exude (emit gradually) that characteristic odor of pine forests. Also the heat of her body was not like mine or like that of anyone else I knew. Hers was a cool, mentholated heat, even, balanced. The thought, that came to my mind was, that her heat would press on relentlessly, but knew no hurry. She began then to whisper in my left ear. She said, that the Gifts she had given to the Naguals of my Line had to do with what the Old Sorcerers used to call, the twin positions. That is to say, the initial position, in which a Dreamer holds his physical body to begin Dreaming is mirrored by the position, in which he holds his Energy Body, in Dreams, to fixate his Assemblage Point on any spot of his choosing. The two positions make a unit, she said, and it took the Old Sorcerers thousands of years to find out the perfect relationship between any two positions. She commented, with a giggle, that the Sorcerers of today will never have the time or the disposition to do all that work, and that the Men and Women of my Line were indeed lucky to have her to give them such Gifts. Her laughter had a most remarkable, crystalline sound. I had not quite understood her explanation of the twin positions. Boldly, I told her, that I did not want to practice those things, but only know about them as intellectual possibilities. "What exactly do you want to know?" she asked softly. "Explain to me what you mean by the twin positions, or the initial position, in which a Dreamer holds his body to start Dreaming." I said. "How do you lie down to start your Dreaming?" she asked. "Any which way. I don't have a pattern. Don Juan never stressed this point." "Well, I do stress it," she said and stood up. She changed positions. She sat down to my right and whispered in my other ear, that, in accordance with what she knew, the position, in which one places the body, is of utmost importance. She proposed a way of testing this by performing an extremely delicate, but simple exercise. 230 "Start your Dreaming by lying on your right side, with your knees a bit bent," she said. "The discipline is to maintain that position and fall asleep in it. In Dreaming, then, the exercise is to Dream, that you lie down in exactly the same position and fall asleep again." "What does that do?" I asked. "It makes the Assemblage Point stay put, and I mean really stay put, in whatever position it is at the instant of that second falling asleep." "What are the results of this exercise?" "Total Perception. I am sure your teachers have already told you, that my Gifts are Gifts of Total Perception." "Yes. But I think I am not clear about what Total Perception means," I lied. She ignored me and went on to tell me, that the four variations of the exercise were to fall asleep lying on the right side, the left, the back, and the stomach. Then in Dreaming the exercise was to Dream of falling asleep a second time in the same position, as the Dreaming had been started. She promised me extraordinary results, which she said were not possible to foretell. She abruptly changed the subject and asked me, "What's the Gift you want for yourself?" "No Gift for me. I've told you that already." "I insist. I must offer you a Gift, and you must accept it. That is our agreement." "Our agreement is that we give you energy. So take it from me. This one is on me. My Gift to you." The Woman seemed dumbfounded. And I persisted in telling her it was all right with me, that she took my Energy. I even told her, that I liked her immensely. Naturally, I meant it. There was something supremely sad and, at the same time, supremely appealing about her. 231 "Let's go back inside the church," she muttered. "If you really want to make me a gift," I said, "take me for a stroll in this town, in the moonlight." She shook her head affirmatively. "Provided that you don't say a word," she said. "Why not?" I asked, but I already knew the answer. "Because we are Dreaming," she said. "I'll be taking you deeper into my Dream." She explained, that as long, as we stayed in the church, I had enough Energy to think and converse, but that beyond the boundaries of that church it was a different situation. "Why is that?" I asked daringly. In a most serious tone, which not only increased her eeriness, but terrified me, the Woman said, "Because there is no out there. This is a dream. You are at the Fourth Gate of Dreaming, Dreaming my Dream." She told me, that her art was to be capable of projecting her Intent, and that everything I saw around me, was her Intent. She said in a whisper, that the church and the town were the results of her Intent; they did not exist, yet they did. She added, looking into my eyes, that this is one of the mysteries of Intending in the Second Attention the twin positions of Dreaming. It can be done, but it cannot be explained or comprehended. She told me then, that she came from a Line of Sorcerers,  who knew how to move about in the Second Attention by projecting their Intent. Her story was, that the Sorcerers of her Line practiced the Art of Projecting their Thoughts in Dreaming, in order to accomplish the truthful reproduction of any object or structure or landmark or scenery of their choice. She said, that the Sorcerers of her Line used to start by gazing at a simple object and memorizing every detail of it. They would then close their eyes and visualize the object and correct their visualization against the true object, until they could see it, in its completeness, with their eyes shut. 232 The next thing in their developing scheme was to dream with the object and create in the Dream, from the point of view of their own Perception,  a total materialization of the object. This act, the woman said, was called the first step to Total Perception. From a simple object, those Sorcerers went on to take more and more complex items. Their final aim was for all of them together to visualize a Total World, then Dream that World and thus re-create a totally veritable Realm, where they could exist. "When any of the Sorcerers of my Line were able to do that," the Woman went on, "they could easily pull anyone into their Intent, into their Dream (Wold). This is what I am doing to you now, and what I did to all the Naguals of your Line." The Woman giggled. "You better believe it," she said, as if I did not. "Whole populations disappeared in Dreaming like that. This is the reason I said to you, that this church and this town are one of the mysteries of Intending in the Second Attention." "You say that whole populations disappeared that way. How was it possible?" I asked. "They visualized and then re-created in Dreaming the same scenery," she replied. "You've never visualized anything, so it's very dangerous for you to go into my Dream." She warned me, then, that to cross the Fourth Gate and travel to places, that exist only in someone else's Intent was perilous (dangerous), since every item in such a dream had to be an ultimately personal item. "Do you still want to go?" she asked. I said yes. Then she told me more about the twin positions. The essence of her explanation was, that if I were, for instance, Dreaming of my hometown and my Dream had started when I lay down on my right side, I could very easily stay in the town of my Dream, if I would lie on my right side, in the Dream, and Dream, that I had fallen asleep. The second Dream not only would necessarily be a Dream of my hometown, but would be the most concrete Dream one can imagine. 233 She was confident, that in my Dreaming training I had gotten countless Dreams of great Concreteness, but she assured me, that everyone of them had to be a fluke. For the only way to have absolute control of Dreams was to use the technique of the Twin Positions. "And don't ask me why," she added. "It just happens. Like everything else." She made me stand up and admonished (advised) me again not to talk or stray from her. She took my hand gently, as if I were a child, and headed toward a clump of dark silhouettes of houses. We were on a cobbled street. Hard river rocks had been pounded edgewise into the dirt. Uneven pressure had created uneven surfaces. It seemed, that the cobblers had followed the contours of the ground without bothering to level it. The houses were big, whitewashed, one-story, dusty buildings with tiled roofs. There were people meandering quietly. Dark shadows inside the houses gave me the feeling of curious, but frightened neighbors gossiping behind doors. I could also see the flat mountains around the town. Contrary to what had happened to me all along in my Dreaming, my mental processes were unimpaired. My thoughts were not pushed away by the force of the events in the Dream. And my mental calculations told me I was in the Dream version of the town, where don Juan lived, but at a different time. My curiosity was at its peak. I was actually with the Death Defier in her Dream. But was it a Dream? She herself had said it was a Dream. I wanted to watch everything, to be superalert. I wanted to test everything by Seeing Energy. I felt embarrassed, but the Woman tightened her grip on my hand, as if to signal me, that she agreed with me. Still feeling absurdly bashful, I automatically stated out loud my Intent to See. In my Dreaming practices, I had been using all along the phrase "I want to See Energy." Sometimes, I had to say it over and over, until I got results. This time, in the Woman's Dream town, as I began to repeat it in my usual manner, the Woman began to laugh. 234 "What's so funny?" I asked, somehow contaminated by her mirth. "Juan Matus doesn't like the Old Sorcerers in general and me in particular," the Woman said between fits of laughter. "All we have to do, in order to See in our Dreams, is to point with our little finger at the item we want to see. To make you yell in my Dream is his way to send me his message. You have to admit, that he's really clever." She paused for a moment, then said in the tone of a revelation, "Of course, to yell like an asshole works too." The Sorcerers' sense of humor bewildered me beyond measure. She laughed so hard, she seemed to be unable to proceed with our walk. I felt stupid. When she calmed down and was perfectly poised again, she politely told me, that I could point at anything I wanted in her Dream, including herself. I pointed at a house with the little finger of my left hand. There was no Energy in that house. The house was like any other item of a regular dream. I pointed at everything around me with the same result. "Point at me," she urged me. "You must corroborate (admit), that this is the method Dreamers follow in order to See." She was thoroughly right. That was the method. The instant I pointed my finger at her, she was a blob of energy. A very peculiar blob of energy, I may add. Her energetic shape was exactly as don Juan had described it; it looked like an enormous seashell, curled inwardly along a cleavage (split), that ran its length. "I am the only energy-generating Being in this Dream," she said. "So the proper thing for you to do is just watch everything." At that moment I was struck, for the first time, by the immensity of don Juan's joke. He had actually contrived (plot with intent) to have me learn to yell in my Dreaming, so that I could yell in the privacy of the Death Defier's Dream. 235 I found that touch so funny, that laughter spilled out of me in suffocating waves. "Let's continue our walk," the Woman said softly, when I had no more laughter in me. There were only two streets, that intersected; each had three blocks of houses. We walked the length of both streets, not once, but four times. I looked at everything and listened with my Dreaming Attention for any noises. There were very few, only dogs barking in the distance, or people speaking in whispers as we went by. The dogs barking brought me an unknown and profound longing. I had to stop walking. I sought relief by leaning my shoulder against a wall. The contact with the wall was shocking to me, not because the wall was unusual, but because what I had leaned on was a solid wall, like any other wall I had ever touched. I felt it with my free hand. I ran my fingers on its rough surface. It was indeed a wall! Its stunning realness put an immediate end to my longing and renewed my interest in watching everything. I was looking, specifically, for features, that could be correlated with the town of my day. However, no matter how intently I observed, I had no success. There was a plaza in that town, but it was in front of the church, facing the portico. In the moonlight the mountains around the town were clearly visible and almost recognizable. I tried to orient myself, observing the moon and the stars, as if I were in the consensual (mutual consensus, based on collective opinion) reality of everyday life. It was a waning (decreased in intensity) moon, perhaps a day after full. It was high over the horizon. It must have been between eight and nine in the evening. I could see Orion to the right of the moon; its two main stars, Betelgeuse and Rigel, were on a horizontal straight line with the moon. I estimated it to be early December. My time was May. In May, Orion is nowhere in sight at that time. I gazed at the moon as long as I could. Nothing shifted. It was the moon as far as I could tell. The disparity (difference) in time got me very excited. 236 As I reexamined the southern horizon, I thought I could distinguish the bell-like peak visible from don Juan's patio. I tried next to figure out, where his house might have been. For one instant I thought I found it. I became so enthralled (charmed), that I pulled my hand out of the woman's grip. Instantly, a tremendous anxiety possessed me. I knew, that I had to go back to the church, because, if I did not I would simply drop dead on the spot. I turned around and bolted for the church. The woman quickly grabbed my hand and followed me. As we approached the church at a running pace, I became aware, that the town in that Dreaming was behind the church. Had I taken this into consideration, orientation might have been possible. As it was, I had no more Dreaming Attention. I focused all of it on the architectural and ornamental details on the back of the church. I had never seen that part of the building in the World of everyday life, and I thought, that if I could record its features in my memory, I could check them later against the details of the real church. That was the plan I concocted (fabricated) on the spur of the moment. Something inside me, however, scorned (dispised) my efforts at validation. During all my apprenticeship, I had been plagued by the need for objectivity (subjects), which had forced me to check and recheck everything about don Juan's World. Yet it was not validation per se, that was always at stake, but the need to use this drive for objectivity as a crutch to give me protection at the moments of most intense cognitive (knowledge, reasoning) disruption; when it was time to check what I had validated, I never went through with it. Inside the church, the Woman and I knelt in front of the small altar on the left side, where we had been, and the next instant, I woke up in the well-illuminated church of my day. The Woman crossed herself and stood up. I did the same automatically. She took my arm and began to walk toward the door. "Wait, wait," I said and was surprised, that I could talk. I could not think clearly, yet I wanted to ask her a convoluted (intricate, complicated, coiled, twisted) question. 237 What I wanted to know was, how anyone could have the energy to visualize every detail of a whole town. Smiling, the Woman answered my unvoiced question; she said, that she was very good at visualizing, because after a lifetime of doing it, she had many, many lifetimes to perfect it. She added, that the town I had visited and the church, where we had talked, were examples of her recent visualizations. The church was the same church, where Sebastian had been a sexton (church caretaker). She had given herself the task of memorizing every detail of every corner of that church and that town, for that matter, out of a need to survive. She ended her talk with a most disturbing afterthought. "Since you know quite a bit about this town, even though you've never tried to visualize it," she said, "you are now helping me to intend it. I bet you won't believe me, if I tell you, that this town you are looking at now doesn't really exist, outside your Intent (the Force of Balance, LM) and mine." She peered at me and laughed at my sense of horror, for I had just fully realized, what she was saying. "Are we still Dreaming?" I asked, astonished. "We are," she said. "But this Dreaming is more real, than the other, because you're helping me. It is not possible to explain it beyond saying, that it is happening. Like everything else." She pointed all around her. "There is no way to tell how it happens, but it does. Remember always what I've told you: this is the mystery of Intending in the Second Attention." She gently pulled me closer to her. "Let's stroll to the plaza of this Dream," she said. "But, perhaps, I should fix myself a little bit, so you'll be more at ease." I looked at her uncomprehendingly as she expertly changed her appearance. She did this with very simple, mundane (banal) maneuvers. She undid her long skirt, revealing the very average midcalf skirt she was wearing underneath. She then twisted her long braid into a chignon and changed from her guaraches into inch-heel shoes she had in a small cloth sack. 238 She turned over her reversible black shawl to reveal a beige stole (shawl). She looked like a typical middle-class Mexican Woman from the city, perhaps on a visit to that town. She took my arm with a Woman's aplomb (poise, assurance, self-confidence) and led the way to the plaza. "What happened to your tongue?" she said in English. "Did the cat eat it?" I was totally engrossed (absorbed) in the unthinkable possibility, that I was still in a Dream; what is more, I was beginning to believe that if it were true, I ran the risk of never waking up (the is a recommended cartoon "Waking Up" close to this subject). In a nonchalant (cool, unconcerned) tone, that I could not recognize as mine, I said, "I didn't realize until now, that you spoke in English to me before. Where did you learn it?" "In the World out there. I speak many languages." She paused and scrutinized me. "I've had plenty of time to learn them. Since we're going to spend a lot of time together, I'll teach you my own language sometime." She giggled, no doubt at my look of despair. I stopped walking. "Are we going to spend a lot of time together?" I asked, betraying my feelings. "Of course," she replied in a joyful tone. "You are, and I should say very generously, going to give me your Energy, for free. You said that yourself, didn't you?" I was aghast (horrified). "What's the problem?" the Woman asked, shifting back into Spanish. "Don't tell me, that you regret your decision. We are Sorcerers. It's too late to change your mind. You are not afraid, are you?" I was again more, than terrified, but, if I had been put on the spot to describe what terrified me, I would not have known. I was certainly not afraid of being with the Death Defier in another Dream or of losing my mind or even my life. Was I afraid of evil? I asked myself. But the thought of evil could not withstand examination. As a result of all those years on the Sorcerers' Path, I knew without the shadow of a doubt,that in the Universe only Energy exists; 239 Evil is merely a concatenation (link in a chain) of the Human Mind, overwhelmed by the Fixation of the Assemblage Point on its habitual position. Logically, there was really nothing for me to be afraid of. I knew that, but I also knew, that my real weakness was to lack the fluidity to Fix my Assemblage Point instantly on any new position, to which it was displaced. The contact with the Death Defier was displacing my Assemblage Point at a tremendous rate, and I did not have the prowess (daring) to keep up with the push. The end result was a vague pseudo-sensation of fearing, that I might not be able to wake up. "There is no problem," I said. "Let's continue our Dream Walk." She linked her arm with mine, and we reached the park in silence. It was not at all a forced silence. But my mind was running in circles. How strange, I thought; only a while ago I had walked with don Juan from the park to the church, in the midst of the most terrifying normal fear. Now I was walking back from the church to the park with the object of my fear, and I was more terrified, than ever, but in a different, more mature, more deadly manner. To fend off (resist) my worries, I began to look around. If this was a Dream, as I believed it was, there was a way to prove or disprove it. I pointed my finger at the houses, at the church, at the pavement in the street. I pointed at people. I pointed at everything. Daringly, I even grabbed a couple of people, whom I seemed to scare considerably. I felt their mass. They were as real, as anything I consider real, except, that They Did Not Generate Energy. Nothing in that town Generated Energy. Everything seemed real and normal, yet it was a Dream. I turned to the Woman, who was holding on to my arm, and questioned her about it. "We are Dreaming," she said in her raspy voice and giggled. "But how can people and things around us to be so real, so three-dimensional?" 240 "The Mystery of Intending in the Second Attention!" she exclaimed reverently (profound awe & respect). "Those people out there are so real, that they even have thoughts." That Was the Last Stroke. I did not want to question anything else. I wanted to abandon myself to that Dream. A considerable Jolt on my arm brought me back to the moment. We had reached the plaza. The Woman had stopped walking and was pulling me to sit down on a bench. I knew I was in trouble, when I did not feel the bench underneath me, as I sat down. I began to spin. I thought I was ascending. I caught a most fleeting glimpse of the park, as if I were looking at it from above. "This is it!" I yelled. I thought I was dying. The Spinning Ascension turned into a twirling descent into blackness..." Some Articles from the Internet Apple chief Tim Cook: 'I'm proud to be gay' http://www.bbc.com/news/business-29829763 30 October 2014 Mr Cook said he made his announcement to try to help people struggling with their identityApple chief executive Tim Cook has publicly acknowledged his sexuality, saying that he is "proud to be gay". Mr Cook made his announcement to try to help people struggling with their identity, he wrote in a Bloomberg Businessweek article. He has been open about his sexuality, but has also tried to maintain a basic level of privacy until now, he said. This week Mr Cook challenged his home state of Alabama to ensure the rights of gay and transgender people. Privacy trade-off "While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven't publicly acknowledged it either, until now," he wrote. "So let me be clear: I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me," he added. He said he didn't consider himself an activist, but that he realised he had "benefited from the sacrifice of others. So if hearing that the CEO [chief executive] of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it's worth the trade-off with my own privacy," he added. Mr Cook said that he had been open about his sexuality with many people, including colleagues at Apple, but that it still "wasn't an easy choice" to publicly announce his sexual orientation. He quoted civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King, saying: "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' " Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC News technology correspondent. Tim Cook's announcement may come as no surprise in Silicon Valley or across corporate America. But that does not mean that we should underestimate the significance of the leader of the world's most valuable company talking openly about his sexuality. Back in May, a piece in the New York Times asked "where are the gay chief executives?" and struggled to name any openly gay CEOs at America's 1,000 biggest companies. Apple under Steve Jobs was not a company that took a stand on any issues which were not seen as relevant to its business. Tim Cook has been more forthcoming on all sorts of issues, including equal rights for gay workers, and while he says he does not see himself as an activist, that is how many will now see him. That could embroil him in controversy in the United States, let alone in other parts of the world with less liberal views of sexuality. Mr Cook admitted that going public as a gay man was not an easy choice - but it certainly looks a courageous one. This week Mr Cook referred to Martin Luther King in a speech in Alabama in which he called for equal rights for people based on sexual orientation and identity. He said that Alabama had been too slow to ensure the rights of ethnic minorities in the civil rights era, and was now being too slow to guarantee gay rights. "Under the law, citizens of Alabama can still be fired based on their sexual orientation," Mr Cook said. "We can't change the past, but we can learn from it and we can create a different future." Mr Cook has championed equality at Apple, but in August said he was "not satisfied" with workforce diversity at the company. Outstanding, a not-for-profit professional network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) executives, said on Thursday that many LGBT people in the UK felt it was "safer to stay in the closet" when at work. In May a US study by LGBT organisation Human Rights Campaign suggested that 53% of US LGBT employees had not come out at work. 'Role model' Former BP chief executive Lord Browne, who now chairs fracking company Cuadrilla, said Mr Cook had become a role model. "By deciding to speak publicly about his sexuality, Tim Cook has become a role model, and will speed up changes in the corporate world," Lord Browne said. The peer kept his sexual orientation a secret for decades, but was forced to come out after a boyfriend made his sexuality public in 2007. Lord Browne later resigned after losing a court battle with a newspaper. Eurovision drag queen returns in triumph Drag-Queen Wurst http://www.skynews.com.au Winner of Eurovision 2014, Conchita Wurst, has been greeted at Vienna airport by hundreds of fans overnight. Bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst has made a triumphant return to Austria after winning the Eurovision Song Contest, in what the country's president is calling a victory for tolerance in Europe. Wurst was greeted at Vienna airport by hundreds of fans overnight, singing the winning ballad, Rise like a Phoenix. Wurst drew criticism from eastern Europe before Saturday's show, with some blasting her as an example of Western decadence. However, Austria won points even from Russia. Wurst is the alter ego of 25-year-old Thomas Neuwirth. Gay marriage: Commons passes Cameron's plan - video http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-22605011 21 May 2013 The bill was passed in the Commons by 366 votes to 161The House of Commons has voted to allow gay marriage in England and Wales, despite 161 MPs opposing the government's plans. Several Tory MPs spoke against the proposals, which have caused tensions in the party, but the Labour and Lib Dem leaderships backed them. The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill now goes before the House of Lords. David Cameron hopes it will become law soon, with the first ceremonies taking place by next summer. The bill, if passed, will allow same-sex couples, who can currently hold civil ceremonies, to marry. Religious organisations would have to "opt in" to offering weddings, with the Church of England and Church in Wales being banned in law from doing so. Welsh Secretary David Jones and Environment Secretary Owen Paterson voted against the government's bill at its third reading. They were joined by 10 junior ministers. 'Celebrate' Altogether 133 Tories opposed the bill, along with 15 Labour MPs, four Lib Dems, eight Democratic Unionists and an independent. It goes to the House of Lords on Wednesday, where it is expected to generate further heated discussion. Tensions between Downing Street and grassroots Conservatives, which have focused on the issue of Europe in recent weeks, have been exacerbated by the same-sex marriage proposals. But Culture Secretary Maria Miler said it was an issue of equality, to which MPs had to show their "commitment". For Labour, shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said: "Let's celebrate, not discriminate. Let's put aside the anger and hear it for the joy." Demonstrators against the plans held a vigil opposite the Palace of Westminster as the debate took place. A woman was detained by police after trying to drive a car through the gates of the Palace of Westminster as the vote took place. The bill's third reading was backed by 366 MPs, giving it a majority of 205. There was a ripple of applause in the chamber after the result was announced. The result is a marginal improvement for Mr Cameron on the vote at Monday's second reading, when 175 MPs opposed the plans. They passed after ministers reached agreement with Labour's leadership. 'Growing gap' Conservative critics had tabled a proposal to allow heterosexual couples enter into civil partnerships, if gay couples were allowed to get married.  But this was defeated, with MPs instead backing a Labour plan to consult on changing civil partnerships. Many Tories are angry about comments reportedly made by Conservative co-chairman Lord Feldman. He has denied calling activists "mad, swivel-eyed loons" and Mr Cameron has sent an email to party members, insisting they still shared a "deep and lasting friendship" with him. Tory MP Brian Binley, who has led calls for an investigation into Lord Feldman's alleged comments, said there was a "growing gap" between the prime minister and the party. And Robert Woollard, chairman of the Conservative Grass Roots organisation, suggested Mr Cameron needed to rein in some of his colleagues in No 10 who were "wet behind the ears" and "needed to get out more". Nicky Morgan: I've changed mind and support gay marriage Nicky Morgan

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